Maybe we all know that PUBG games around the world are currently at the peak of popularity.  Since its launch, the PUBG game has been downloaded in the Google Play Store for more than 5 million.  Since the launch of the PUBG game, more such games have attracted mobile gamers to the Royal Games.  There are many other games that have similar formats, such as PUBG games to play, and PUBG with very good graphics games.  And the graphics quality of these games is similar to that of the PUBG game.  And the games will run on your 2gb 3gb RAM phone as well  Because the size of the games is very low but the graphics are very good

 Let's know about some of those similar mobile games  Read the full post on ours

 1.  Fortnite:

 Fortnite Mobile is still at the forefront of the most popular play list.  The game, intended for teens, is reported to have gained more popularity than PUBG in many countries around the world.  Like Pabaji, the game is played in a team-oriented manner with the goal of lasting sustainability.
 Size of the game: Although a little higher, the graphics are much better  The beta version of it has been released for Android phones if you want to try playing beta version.  Your phone's RAM minimum must be 4gb if you play it  Let's look at the rest of the games

 Download link: Fortnite Mobile Google available

 2.  Rules of Survival:

 Rules of Survival Game (Rules of Survival Game or ROS) is a free and online multiplayer battle game that has been downloaded more than 5 million times so far.  The style of this game is very much like Pabzi.  Here you will be taken down to an island of 5 * 4 km with 120 players.  A good aspect of this game is that you can use more modern weapons than the Pabzi game.  And just like in Pabaji, your main goal will be to survive in the end.  One thing I like about this game is that it starts with 120 players  Which you cannot see in any other village  This game will run on your Minimum 2GB RAM phone  The graphics of the game are very good
 Download from the link below

 Download link: Rules of Survival Game (Rules of Survival Game or ROS) Android
 Rules of Survival Game or IOS

 3.  Black Survival:

 Just like the PUBG game here, all players in the Black Survival game are taken to an island.  There are 22 different places mentioned.  To win in this game, like the PUBG game, you have to survive.  However, a maximum of 5 players can play in this game at a time.  You will have a lot of fun playing this game because it starts with 10 people. Maybe less. But a lot of fun to play.  If your phone's RAM is low then the game will play in it then I would say download and play now  This game is no less than Pabzi

 Download link: Black Survival

 4.  Garena Free Fire

 I don't have to tell you about this game you all seem to know
 The game starts with 50 people
 And Nimitta has to stay alive to win
 Another alternative game similar to the PUBG game is Garena Free Fire.  This game has all modern cars.  The rest of the rules of this game are the same as the PUBG game.  The graphics quality of the game is a lot like Pabzi.  And the game download has become 100M + now  I would say download the game now and start playing the game

 Download Link: Garena Free Fire
 5: Bullet Strike: Battle Ground

 Bullet Strike: Bullet strike: Battlegrounds In the game you have to fight other players to try to survive.  Players have to travel around an island to find trophies and enemies.  In this game you must kill the enemies and stay alive until the end of the war.  Twenty-one players in the game go on a deserted island and fight against each other.  There are various places to look for hidden places, including weapons and other outfits.  The appearance of the character can be changed to your liking.
 According to Get A Survival Game, it allows you to play multiplayer with your friends, and there is a lot of fighting in it.  And if you want to play it you need to have a minimum 3gb ROM phone.

Download LINK : Bullet Strike: Battle Ground

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